Man for all seasons

“No fuss? You’re absolutely sure about that? You’ve taken into account the emotional needs and expectations of your family and friends? … Yes, we have our simple package. Yes, if you’re sure it’s right for you we can do that for one nine nine five all inclusive.” I am sipping tea in the office of Neil Bareham, Life Events Director, in a pretty market town in Kent. Never heard of a Life Events Director? That’s [...]

How To Build Trust With Your Families Online

Can you guess how most of your families find your funeral home? If you guessed the Internet, you’re right. In fact, 93% of consumers start their search for products and services on Google… and that number is only growing. So when families are searching for you online, what will they find out about your funeral home? Do you have reviews on Yelp, Angies List, Google or any other review website? Will they find your funeral [...]

Funeral Stationary: A great help in personalizing the memorial service

A lion’s share of people has apologetically attended a funeral service at one time or the other. Over and above, many people convey their families to arrange for simple, quick and cheap memorial service when they are long gone. Such people are basically concerned about their family and friends to make things “quick, simple and cheap.” While these individuals think they are taking care of their loved ones’ best interests, for them it is of [...]

10 Pieces of Horrible Funeral Service Advice

When you go to a convention, read a magazine, or chat with your funeral service colleagues, chances are there is no shortage of advice being given to you. It seems like everyone, even if they just met you, is willing to tell you how to run your funeral home, format your business model, market your services… you get the point. But I’m here to tell you that chances are, half the advice you’re getting either… [...]

9 Ways To Support Families After The Funeral Service

In funeral service, you’re in the business of healing. That means creating healing opportunities for your families is the biggest contribution you can make in their lives. But let’s admit it, once the funeral service is over, it’s not easy to get families to visit your funeral home to receive that extra level of care. So how can you help your families feel like they’re not alone days, weeks and months after the service – [...]

8 Tips for Turning Families Into Customers

If you don’t want to sell to client families, how do you get them to accept what you have to offer so that your funeral home can be successful? People hate the hard sell and in our business, it’s kind of … distasteful. After all, you don’t want to match the perception of funeral directors as sleazy, untrustworthy and downright fraudulent. But what if you could influence families to be more open-minded to what you [...]